Patrick Heagney

I was born in New Jersey but, tragically, my family relocated to northern Virginia before I could develop a good Jersey accent (or eat solid foods for that matter).

We settled in the suburbs outside of Washington D.C. which is where, at 15, I got my first camera – a hand-me-down Canon AE-1. Any plans for getting a real job when I grew up went out the window shortly thereafter.

I studied photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Afterwards I moved to Atlanta where I’ve been living and working ever since.

A few of the great clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with in that time include Bristol Myers Squibb, Georgia Tech, BULGARI, Wilson Staff, Tanger Outlet Malls, and The Royal Bank of Scotland. You can see a more extensive list here: (click)

In addition to assignment work I enjoy pursuing personal projects and creating what I’ve been told is “Fine Art”. My fancy art-photography is represented by Kai Lin Art here in Atlanta. If you'd like to see some check out my art site

My stock photography is represented by Getty / iStockphoto.

When I’m not doing any of the above you can usually find me travelling - ideally somewhere I don't speak the language, or playing banjo to my cat - who may or may not enjoy it.